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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How Gameplay And Features Compare To Competition

Market share of top 10 subgenres in US iOS

Editor’s Word: this publish was originally revealed by Erno Kiiski, Chief Recreation Analyst – US at GameRefinery. In his job, he’s performed and analyzed a whole lot of titles on a function degree, giving him a robust sense of the present western cellular recreation market. So, without additional ado, we’ll let him take the lead. 

The AR/Location-based recreation market was just about born with the discharge of Pokémon GO back in the summertime of 2016. Some games had made use of the know-how earlier than, however every thing jumped to an entire new degree when everyone the world over was chasing Pokémons. It was a phenomenon with visibility unmatched by another cellular recreation to date. Now GameRefinery has a comply with up from Niantic in the type of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. However how does it slot in with Niantics personal Pokémon GO and the rest of the competition?

The AR/Location-based recreation market continues to be a relatively small style within the greater image of cellular gaming. For example, using GameRefinery’s Market Share software, we will see that it solely has round a 2.6% share of IAP revenues in the US iOS market.

Market share of prime 10 subgenres in US iOS

How about contained in the subgenre? How is revenue in AR/Location-based video games divided between totally different video games? Ever since Pokémon GO’s launch we’ve seen multiple video games that have tried to get a bit of its large pie. However when it comes to revenues, it remains the undisputed king of the style.

Market share of AR/Location-based games in top 500 grossing US iOS

Market share of AR/Location-based games in prime 500 grossing US iOS

Pokémon GO alone generates a whopping 93% of the subgenre’s IAP revenues on iOS within the US. Video games like Jurassic World Alive from Ludia or The Strolling Lifeless: Our World from Next Video games have been capable of get a small share of the market however are still nowhere near Pokémon GO.

However now we now have a brand new entrant into the area, as Niantic lastly launched their follow-up title to Pokémon GO backed by another super fashionable IP: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. On this weblog submit, GameRefinery takes a fast peek into the game: how the gameplay loop works, what are the monetization sinks, and how it compares on a function degree to other titles in the genre.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been out for a few weeks, debuting at the prime of the obtain ranks and around prime 60 grossing in US iOS, leaping to the top 20 grossing by the following day. Nevertheless, since then it’s experienced a sluggish decline in ranks. The game’s still in the early phases of its lifecycle, but the begin undoubtedly hasn’t been an analogous mega success as Pokémon GO was for Niantic.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite grossing and download ranks graph US iOS

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite grossing and download ranks graph US iOS

The Core Loop

The premise in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is that a mysterious occasion referred to as “The Calamity” has unleashed chaos, scattering magic gadgets the world over and risking their discovery by muggles (non-magical individuals). Players step into the footwear of a witch or wizard and be a part of the ranks of the Statute of Secrecy Process Drive. Their mission is to seek out and retrieve magic gadgets, referred to as “foundables,” from the world to make sure that the magic world stays a secret.

The simplified core loop of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The simplified core loop of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

As talked about earlier than, the primary objective for gamers is to seek out foundables. Gamers have a Registry of foundable gadgets they’ve recovered and people they nonetheless want to seek out.

Foundables have totally different classes, for instance, Darkish Arts or Magizoology gadgets. Each class has its own Registry Rank, which players then degree up by amassing foundables from that particular category. When reaching a new rank, gamers receive a “Treasure Trunk,” which embrace rewards like Career Scrolls and Runestones. Career scrolls are a foreign money that’s used to degree up your character’s expertise, and Runestones are consumable gadgets which might be used in Fortress battles to obtain specific forms of foundables. (More on Professions/Fortresses later)

Gamers also can discover duplicates of foundables they’ve already collected. When recovering duplicates, it provides gamers a a lot smaller experience improve to that category’s Registry Rank progress.


Foundable Registry

Foundable Registry

There are a number of methods in the recreation to seek out foundables:

1) Exploring the actual world and finding them on the map

The first source of discovering foundables is the essential process of exploring the world around you, which is the core of all of the location-based video games. Players walk round and then foundable icons pop up on the map. Each foundable class has its personal icon, and gamers by no means know which of the category’s gadgets it is before tapping it and going into the core motion layer. This technique introduces some frustrating gameplay parts because typically gadgets are duplicates of one thing you already have.

As a participant, you don’t essentially need to waste spell power on catching something you have already got because duplicates solely give a minor amount of progress to your Registry Rank. For example, in Pokémon GO you all the time see which Pokémon pops up on the map, and then you’ll be able to already determine should you’ll try to catch it or not. No tapping the icon required and straightforward to disregard if it’s not something you’re fascinated with.

The core layer of Wizards Unite

The core layer of Wizards Unite

The Core action layer of the game could be very simple. Gamers hint a spell on their display, and the result of the spell is dictated by how correct and the way quick they have been. Each spell forged spends spell power (equivalent to Pokémon GO’s Poké Balls) which you’ll be able to replenish from Inns (similar to Poké Stops) discovered across the real-world map.

2) Find Portkeys (lootboxes) on the planet ➡ open them by walking the required distance

Another approach for players to seek out foundables is to open Portkeys. You’ll be able to discover these chests across the map, they usually are available three totally different sizes. The dimensions dictates how lengthy gamers have to walk to open them. One Portkey can all the time be “accumulating walking distance” at no cost, but you can start “accumulating distance” for a number of Portkeys concurrently through the use of Silver Keys. They work in a very comparable option to Incubators in Pokémon GO, but in Wizards Unite one secret is used to open one field. Whereas in Pokémon GO, your one incubator is able to open three eggs in complete earlier than “it breaks down.”

Portkeys are the gacha mechanic of Wizards Unite

Portkeys are the gacha mechanic of Wizards Unite

After touring the required distance, gamers can open the chest and summon a portal using AR. The implementation of this AR function is something fairly distinctive in comparison with other location-based/AR video games. Gamers summon the portal in AR, after which they should stroll via to teleport to another location. Within that location, gamers use their telephone to seek out small “stars” in a neat little hidden objective minigame. After finishing this activity, players receive foundables, XP, and other gadgets as rewards.

Opening of a Portkey

3) Struggle towards enemies in co-op with different gamers in Fortresses

The third source for locating foundables is Fortresses present in specific locations on the real-world map. These castles include dungeons which have a number of challenges each harder than the last. Gamers have to defeat multiple enemies in a “gauntlet-type” dungeon to earn the rewards (examine the video under for gameplay of a Fortress battle).

Totally different Runestones may also be used (earned from leveling up totally different Registry sets) to spice up the rewards of a selected foundable sort. You possibly can, for instance, use degree three Hogwarts Faculty Runestone to ensure you’ll get more foundables from that specific category. A few of the foundables are tied to Fortresses, so you possibly can’t find them anyplace else which provides gamers an extra incentive to complete them.

What makes Fortresses particular is that they are often played synchronously along with your folks. Grouping up with different players becomes very important for fulfillment especially when completing more durable difficulties. This provides a tactical layer to the game because, given the totally different talent sets of each career, gamers want to think about which professions each of them should choose (more on Professions in the next chapter).

Fortresses challenge players to harder and harder battles

Fortresses challenge players to more durable and more durable battles


Co-operative Fortress battle

Professions in Wizards Unite

How one can get stronger and defeat even harder Fortress enemies then? Professions are Wizards Unite’s fundamental improve/improvement layer. Gamers can select from three totally different Professions: Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. Each class comes with its personal talent tree with totally different passive boosts + lively expertise (used in battles). Some Professions are more offensive with extra assault spells and some perform a help position with therapeutic spells and so forth. Every class can also be simpler towards sure enemy varieties while taking extra injury from some varieties.

Scrolls and totally different Spell Books might help you degree up professions. At first, expertise require Scrolls, however as you progress additional in the talent tree, Spell Books are wanted as nicely. As talked about earlier you possibly can earn Scrolls by, for example, finishing Registry units and finishing day by day missions. It’s also possible to earn primary Spell Books by completing challenges in Fortresses, and earn restricted Spell Books from particular limited-time occasions.

Professions dictate your wizard’s skillset

Professions dictate your wizard’s skillset


We’ve gone by way of the primary mechanics of the sport and how the gameplay loop works in Wizards Unite. But how about monetization, what money sinks are there for gamers to spend on?

Monetization in Wizards Unite is fairly easy. Gold works as a premium foreign money within the recreation. You should use it to purchase:

  • Extra spell power for casting spells in combat
  • Potions to boost you in fight
  • Darkish Detectors (players can activate these in Inns to summon extra foundables to the vicinity of the Inn. Similar to Pokémon GO’s Lure)
  • Silver Keys to open more Portkeys at the similar time
  • Ready time skips for brewing potions (potions might be brewed with components discovered from the world)
  • Improve stock capability for potions/components

Premium currency sinks in Wizards Unite

Premium foreign money sinks in Wizards Unite

If we examine these premium foreign money sinks to early Pokémon GO, we will see Niantic is pulling a whole lot of the same strings.

Wizards Unite vs. Pokémon Go

Wizards Unite vs. Pokémon Go


In what function areas is Wizards Unite lacking compared to the competitors?

Through the use of GameRefinery’s “Examine video games” software, we will examine games on a function degree. When evaluating Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to Pokémon GO and Jurassic World Alive, we will see the place the variations at present lie.

Probably the most elementary distinction between Wizards Unite and these two games is the meta layer. Whereas in Pokémon GO and Jurassic World Alive the meta layer is about amassing characters and creating your group of Pokémons and dinosaurs, in Wizards Unite you acquire gadgets and fill your foundable item Registry. At the very least for me, this is probably the most vital setback of the game psychologically. Searching and accumulating Pokémons and dinosaurs feels rather more thrilling and compelling in comparison with filling a e-book with gadgets. As a location-based recreation, I don’t feel as motivated to go walking around trying to find inanimate objects like a magic clock compared to Charizard.

Wizards Unite can also be rather more story-heavy compared to its rivals. Bits and items of the story are sometimes dropped in, and most of them are even voice-acted. It tries to incentivize gamers to finish Foundable units and get additional in the recreation by giving extra details about the Calamity and the backstory of characters because the player progresses.

Another massive difference comes from the social parts of the sport. Wizards Unite still lacks lots within the social interplay department at launch. At present, the one social function is just about the likelihood to play co-operatively in Fortresses. Each Pokémon GO and Jurassic World Alive have guild mechanics, totally different sorts of PvP modes, donating gadgets/characters to other players, and so on.

Wizards Unite does have Homes in the recreation which act as a type of a group/faction, however they have but to be utilized in any method. What Home you belong to doesn’t alter gameplay in any sense. It stays to be seen if Niantic will start to use them, for example, in an identical manner to Groups in Pokémon GO with gyms and so forth.

Differences in social elements between Pokémon GO, Jurassic World Alive and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Variations in social parts between Pokémon GO, Jurassic World Alive and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

GameRefinery is presently featuring these video games at no cost. Sign up and take a look at all of the function variations and totally different function implementation examples from the video games here.


It’s still early to increase judgments about Wizards Unite, but the general feeling of the game is that it tries to duplicate most of the tips that Pokémon GO did successfully: the same style, many comparable monetization parts, both have a serious IP to build on, and so forth. However even with the Harry Potter IP, it doesn’t have as robust of a recreation sort (location-based recreation) + IP match as Pokémon had with lots of of collectible Pokémons. Wizards Unite struggles with making its Foundable accumulating meta as compelling and motivating. As in the long run, the precise “gotta catch em’ all” part shouldn’t be as fascinating in Wizards Unite, and badly wants more options to flesh out the experience. Subsequently, I feel it doesn’t have the same potential/endurance that Pokémon GO has had (no less than in its current state).

Will probably be fascinating to see the place Niantic takes the game and what sort of features they’ll introduce during their stay ops. I anticipate we’ll discover out quickly enough, and might be following it intently at GameRefinery.